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Product Review: J. William Culinary Prepared Meals

I discovered J. William Culinary about two weeks ago when the Chef, Jay, commented on my Facebook post abut Ovinte. I went online to check them out and discovered they make meals in perfect portion sizes and specialize in fresh ingredients. They also have gluten free, dairy free and vegan offerings. I was intrigued and reached out to Jay to see if I could try some of their meals and share with my gluten-free friends. I was pleasantly surprised when they called saying they would deliver 5 meals for me to try.  My boyfriend helped out with the tasting, however, he is the easiest person to cook for. He likes EVERYTHING!

After learning about J. William Culinary I reviewed their website and  Facebook page; I seem to be living in the dark ages. They have been around for months and this is the first I have heard of them. Here is what I know of them from their website and Facebook page:

What They Offer: Wraps, protein bars, and meals for lunch or dinner (chicken, beef, fish, meatballs).

Nutrition: The wraps and protein bar are 240 calories, the fish entrees 300, chicken entrees 440, beef entrees and turkey meatballs 500, and the pork entrees are 480.  They only use lean meats and don’t use dairy, so everything is low fat. Everything is gluten-free except the beef meatballs and wraps. They use no refined sugars, only honey, on occasion.  And, there is no salt added to the meals. Everything is between 35-45 grams of protein, 25-40 grams for carbs, low fat and dairy-free.

Price: Meals range from $4 (protein bars, snacks, wraps) to $10 (Mayport Shrimp). Most are $6.50. They have free delivery to all of Jacksonville within the Duval County Limits, Monday through Friday for orders of $100 or more. For orders of less than $100, there is a $5 delivery charge. The ingredients containing gluten (couscous, bread crumb, wraps) are stored separately from other materials.

Preparation: The meals are fully cooked and vacuum-sealed. They can be microwaved for 2 minutes or simmered in water for 10 minutes to reheat. The meals are typically delivered fresh (unfrozen), but because of the vacuum sealing, they freeze very well. They will remain good in your freezer for at least six months. J. William culinary can arrange for meals to be frozen and left in a cooler for you or they can deliver them to your work.

Menu: The menu changes weekly, typically on Friday. Here is a link to the most recent menu.

Location: If you want to pick up your meal at their store, the address is: 2103 San Marco Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida.  Their phone number is (904) 899-2062.

In the news: http://www.news4jax.com/news/Gourtmet-meals-on-the-go/-/475880/18561440/-/h8hpjuz/-/index.html

The meals I tried included:

Roasted Turkey Breast with Spiced Butternut Squash and Corn Black Bean Salsa

This meal was amazing.  I am a salt addict, but, I held off on adding more salt so I could enjoy the freshness of this dish.  I love squash and it was sweet but not too sweet.  It came with two generous slices of turkey.  It was so tender I didn’t even need a knife.  The salsa added a nice touch and there were green beans for some extra added veggies.  I cooked this for 2 minutes in the microwave after making a small hole at the top. It came out piping hot. I couldn’t believe how much food fit into the plastic packet.



This is how it came out of the bag.  Seriously.  I did nothing to move the food around.  I cut the top off and I just slid the food out and it looked this good!  This paired nicely with a glass of Vinho Verde, my new favorite spring wine!prepared gluten free meals turkey with corn salsa J. William Culinary

Seared Chicken Breast with Spiced Sweet Potatoes and Spinach Cashew Pesto

The cashew pesto really stole the show.  Normally pesto has cheese in it, however, since his meals are dairy-free this is a vegan alternative to a cheese pesto.  The chicken and sweet potato flavors all worked together so nicely.  I took a nice bite of the chicken, sweet potato and some green beans and the flavors took my breath away.  This was my favorite dish out of the five.
prepared gluten free meals seared chicken breast  J. William Culinary

prepared gluten free meals seared chicken breast  J. William Culinary

Braised Chicken Thighs with Red Potatoes with Lime Garlic Sauce:

I was in a hurry when I needed these.  I had these stored in the freezer and didn’t feel comfortable putting it straight in the microwave so I stuck it in boiling water for about 15 minutes.  It came out great.  This was probably my second favorite.  I loved the chicken.  The flavors were fantastic, I really thought there was going to be a problem with no salt added.  The chicken and potatoes went so well together.

Sorry, I didn’t get a picture of the prepared dish.  But believe me it looked good!!!prepared gluten free meals seared chicken breast  J. William Culinary

Seared Chicken Breast, Spiced Black Beans with Charred Tomato Salsa.

This one I boiled in water too.  Black beans and salsa is my favorite combo. I eat it A LOT! I liked the chicken thighs a bit better; I just really liked the tenderness of the chicken thighs.  I also felt like this was something I could throw together at home.  But it was good, satisfying and a huge portion.  I can’t believe these are 500 calories!prepared gluten free meals seared chicken breast  J. William Culinary

prepared gluten free meals seared chicken breast  J. William Culinary

Slow Cooked Beef with Grilled Vegetables and Smokey Barbecue Sauce.  

This is a meat lover and/or paleo dream.  There were no potatoes or starch ingredients.  Along with the huge chunks of beef there were huge onions, peppers and zucchini.  You definitely need a knife and some floss on hand.  I kinda wish there were a few more vegetables because I felt that it was A LOT of protein. But it was a very lean cut of beef, I didn’t see one bit of fat.  The flavors were delicious.  In the future I may dress it up with some hot sauce.

prepared gluten free meals slow cooked beef  J. William Culinary

This meal was enjoyed during my lunch hour so excuse the disposable plate :).

The thing I like best about these meals is they are easy, convenient and the type of meals I would spend an hour or so making at night.  The packaging is not bulky and there is not a lot of waste after preparing these meals.  They were super easy to heat up and you really can’t beat the price. The meals I tried, though not positive, should have fallen into the $6.50 range. For something that is made with fresh ingredients and healthy that is not bad at all.

The one major challenge with celiac disease and eating gluten-free is convenience. Chef Jay has made gluten-free/dairy-free food convenient. I especially like that the store is not too far from work so I can stop by for lunch or on the way home.  I am really looking forward to some of their fish meals.

What do you think?  Have you been here before?  What is your favorite convenient gluten-free food?

*this post was written prior to J. William Culinary being a sponsor of our blog.  The opinions expressed here are my own. This blog post was written in April 2013 and J. William Culinary became a sponsor November 2013.


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Ovinte: Gluten-Free Brunch

ovinte gluten free brunch
Recently I joined some of my friends for brunch at Ovinte Wine Lounge. Ovinte is the new wine bar at the Town Center. It is located in the same space as the old Original Pancake House. It in no way resembles the old space; it feels like a mixture of Napa Valley and New York City. I was excited to try it out because I knew they were gluten-free friendly.

ovinte gluten free brunch town center

They are known for their wine and tapas and only recently started serving brunch on Sundays from 11-4.
ovinte gluten free menu brunch town center

Their brunch menu consists of a varity of breakfast foods from omelets, cheese grits, pancakes, fritattas, platters and lots of yummy stuff. While they don’t have a separate menu, they do have all of their gluten-free items nicely marked on the menu. Some of the highlights included:ovinte gluten free brunch town center chocolate covered baconchocolate bacon (not sure if this is gluten-free)
ovinte gluten free brunch town center

the salmon/lox platter, (gluten-free without crustini)

ovinte gluten free brunch town center Frittata Giorno- (gluten-free). This is what I had. It was delicious. I was tempted to get the gluten-free pancake; it is on the menu as a throwback to the Original Pancake House.
ovinte gluten free brunch town center

Sunday Brunch also features $20 bottles of Prosecco with orange juice or cranberry juice. Perfect for sharing with your friends…
ovinte gluten free brunch town center

Everyone that was at our table loved their food. I was very envious of the Salmon platter, I think I am getting that next time without the crustinis. Ovinte has thought of every detail. I just love their glasses for wine and for water. The water glasses are actually the bottom of wine bottles. They are so cool!

They have an inside and outside space. Both include places to lounge on a couch with a glass of wine or sit at a table. Both have a totally different feel to them. We sat outside during brunch because the weather was so nice. The view is not much to be desired because you are looking at other buildings in the mall, however they have it designed really nicely; there are shrubs that give the feeling you aren’t in a big mall and they have a Bocce ball court. Kinda reminds me of lazy summer days on the beach. Their prices are reasonable and the portion sizes are under control. I definitely recommend this place for a gluten-free brunch. And though I have yet to try their tapas I have a feeling they are pretty good too.

Have you been here yet?  If so what have you tried?
Ovinte on Urbanspoon


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Gluten-free Pizza in Jacksonville: Your Pie

gluten free pizza your pie fleming islandThere is a new gluten-free pizza place in Fleming Island, it is called Your Pie. Headquartered in Athens, GA this franchise is a cross between a fancy Subway and Mellow Mushroom. You actually stand in line and tell them what you want on your pizza and then they cook it in the brick oven pizza and have it out to you at your table within 10 minutes (give or take a few). gluten free pizza your pie fleming islandYour Pie is based on the concept that we don’t all like the same toppings on our pizza so instead of compromising on toppings you can order your own. All of the pizzas are personal size,10 inches, and, according to founder Drew French, most are under 700 calories. For the indecisive diner, they also have some “favorites” on their menu you can choose from..

My favorite part about Your Pie is that they offer gluten-free and dairy-free options. Many of their sauces and toppings are gluten-free and they offer a gluten-free crust made in a dedicated gluten-free facility. They also take necessary precautions to avoid cross contamination. The concept of Your Pie was inspired by a trip founder Drew French took with his wife during their honeymoon to the island of Ischia in Italy.

gluten free pizza your pie fleming island

Owner, Drew French shared the precautions they take for people with food allergies. They take 2 different approaches to gluten-free. If someone comes in without a severe gluten-free allergy they will just make it with gluten-free crust but process it on the same line with the other pizzas. If someone comes in and notifies them that they have a severe allergy (celiac, etc.) the staff will change their gloves and the pizza will be made in the back.. To avoid cross contamination in the brick oven they prepare the gluten-free pizzas in a special metal tin to avoid cross contamination (like in the photo above).

gluten free pizza your pie fleming islandThere is a $2.50 up charge on gluten-free pizza crust, however it still only comes out to around $10.

The atmosphere is lively and energetic and it is family friendly.  But don’t fear- they still serve wine and beer in this family friendly environment.  They also have free wifi- sweet!  In addition to this location the franchise owner Mike Sims plans to open three other locations, one of which is scheduled to open in Tapestry Park in June.

gluten free pizza your pie fleming island

The Lineage Pizza. This one can be ordered from their favorites menu. It includes traditional marinara sauce, mozzarella, green bell peppers, black and green olives, onions, mushrooms, pepperoni and sausage. There were a TON of ingredients on this pizza. gluten free pizza your pie fleming island
My favorite is the BBQ Chicken gluten-free and dairy free pizza. It was tangy with a nice flavor boost of fresh cilantro. I am a HUGE cilantro fan. In addition to chicken, BBQ sauce and cilantro they also added red onions. I really don’t have much to compare this pizza to besides Mellow Mushroom, since there are not many gluten-free and dairy-free pizza places. I really liked the fact that Your Pie makes all of their own sauces. The flavors of the sauce and gluten-free crust blended well together. I didn’t need to add salt or any other seasonings. The crust is thin and chewy and I loved it!

Even though I failed to get a picture of it The Nat is one of their most popular favorites. The ingredients include fresh basil pesto sauce, mozzarella, feta, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and grilled chicken.

My only concern is cross contamination with-in the facility. Even though they prepare the pizza in the back, those with severe allergies should proceed with caution and make sure to notify the staff of your severe allergy. I didn’t have an immediate reaction, however everyone responds differently.

Almost all of their sauces and ingredients are gluten-free. However the meatballs contain bread crumbs so they are not gluten-free. They have a full link on their site dedicated to their allergy information. Check it out.

gluten free pizza your pie fleming island

In addition to pizzas they also serve paninis, salads, sorbet and gelato. The sorbet is gluten-free and dairy free and when I was there the favors were lemon, raspberry, and blood orange. From what I have heard the sea salt caramel gelato is pretty amazing. Other flavors of gelato they usually have include Tiramisu and Butterfinger. The gelato is made with milk instead of cream so it has less fat and more flavor than ice cream..

gluten free pizza your pie fleming island
I tried the raspberry sorbet. It was AWESOME.

I am excited that Jacksonville is getting another gluten-free pizza place that really cares about providing a safe product for those of us with gluten issues. Is this some place you would try with your family?

Your Pie on Urbanspoon

Your Pie- Fleming Island
1545 County Road 220, Suite #125
Fleming Island, FL 32003
(904) 375-9771


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Gluten-Free Running

gluten free jacksonville running

Last month I ran the Donna Breast Cancer Half Marathon. I have run half marathons before, however, I had not run one since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I started noticing a difference in my energy levels about 1 year before my diagnosis while running. I would just feel so tired during and after running.  Now that I have my Celiac disease under control (some-what) I have started running again and it feels great. Whenever I am feeling sluggish or moody from being glutenated, a run almost always helps me feel better.

gluten free jacksonville running
I felt amazing after the Donna. Ok, I felt sore on Monday and Tuesday afterwards but nothing out of the ordinary. I really tried hard to prep correctly the week of. I took some steps prior to the race that helped me so I thought I would share with the hopes that you will share some with me!

  • Find a training program that fits you. I cannot run more than 3 times a week. I am 5 feet 11 and my body just can’t take running two days in a row. There are a ton of resources online to help you come up with a training program. I like programs that include a little speed work one day and cross training on other days. I like to do Yoga once a week while I am training for a long race, it helps strengthen and stretch muscles that get overused during long runs.
  • Avoid eating at new restaurants up to 2 weeks before the race. Try to make as many meals at home so that your body is healthy and stores up energy prior to the race. I can always tell when I have had gluten from cross contamination, the run is extremely hard and I feel terrible afterwards
  • Hydrate with water and sports drinks 2-4 days before the race.
  • The Day Before:  No alcohol; drink plenty of water and sports drinks;  Carbo-load (gluten-free of course) early in the day; layout your outfit; set out your race number and put the safety pins already on the number to make pinning it on easy; make a music playlist that keeps you motivated while runninggluten free jacksonville running
  • Day of:  Get up no less than 3 hours before race time; drink 16 ounces of water right when you wake up; eat foods you are familiar with (I like a banana and peanut butter toast). I think the goal is around 300 calories 2 hours before race time. Try to eat and drink with plenty of time to use the restroom (#1 and #2) before you leave and leave with plenty of time to get to the race – traffic is almost always an issue arriving at races.
  • During the run: Have fun- talk to people cheering; give high fives to spectators; take pictures of your surroundings; take water breaks at every single water station to help you stay hydrated and give yourself a little break; listen to your body and walk if you want to; set a goal for you not someone else; and start slow- real slow.
  • After the run: Stretch and cool down- ice bath optional; Enjoy the free beer (I have never seen gluten-free beer) or champagne at the end of the run
  • Don’t forget: Congratulate yourself!  You did it!  Smile!  There is no better feeling than finishing a race you trained months for.  No one can take away the fact you set a goal and achieved it.
  • A few site links that have offered me help:
    a. Jeff Galloway
    b. Healthy Tipping Point
    c. Runners world

This weekend I am running the Gate River Run. Are you? Do you do any of these things to prepare? What are some of your tricks and tips?

Congratulations to Lindsay for winning the Tuttorosso Giveaway!

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Product Review and Giveaway: Carbo-loading Tuttorosso Style

gluten free pasta recipe
I love tomatoes. One of my staples when grocery store shopping is always canned tomatoes. I love them to make salsa, add to black beans, or add to rice with mojo sauce for a Cuban side dish. So when Tuttorosso asked me to try some of their products I obliged. Not only did they send me 3 large cans of tomatoes, they sent me a really cute apron. Call me a nerd, but I love aprons!

With the tomatoes they also sent some recipe cards. I decided to try the Italian Tomato Pasta Bake. It seemed very easy yet sounded delicious and I needed to carbo load for a run I was going to do the next day.  This recipe called for their Crushed Tomatoes with Basil.

Recipe Overview:
Servings: 8
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes


3 cups (8 ounces) penne pasta
1 pound lean ground beef (I used ground turkey breast)
1 small green bell pepper, chopped (I had a red pepper instead)
1 cup sliced fresh mushrooms
2 (28 ounce) cans Tuttorosso® Crushed Tomatoes In Thick Puree With Basil or 2 (28 ounce) cans Tuttorosso® Crushed Tomatoes With Basil

Salt and black pepper to taste
2 cups shredded Italian blend cheese (I did not include cheese in mine)

gluten free pasta recipe
In addition to the ingredients the recipe called for, I decided to add some of the veggies I had around the house.

gluten free pasta recipe

I just added them to the sauce and let them simmer with the meat and basil seasoning.

1. Preheat oven to 350F. Prepare a 13x9x2 inch baking dish with nonstick cooking spray. Cook penne pasta according to package directions. Drain well; cover and keep warm. In a prepared baking dish, brown ground round in microwave oven; drain well.
2. Add green bell pepper, mushrooms, TUTTOROSSO® CRUSHED TOMATOES in thick puree with basil and salt; mix well. Return to microwave and bring mixture to a boil. Remove from microwave and add pasta; mix well.
(Note: our microwave was broken, so I just cooked everything in a pan on the stove.  It caused a delay in cooking time and dirtied an extra dish, but it did not impact flavor).

gluten free pasta recipe

3. Cover and bake in oven for 15 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle with cheese. Bake uncovered an additional 5 to 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.

gluten free pasta recipeThe finished product was delicious! My only suggestion is that you really should pay attention to the salt to taste.  Mine needed a little more than I originally thought.  This is one dish I will most likely be trying again.

Product Give Away!!!

One lucky Gluten Free Jacksonville reader will win a prize pack that includes: the cute apron I am wearing and an assortment of Tuttorosso’s canned tomatoes.

To enter the drawing comment on this blog post. The winner will be announced next week.


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Jason’s Deli Gluten-Free? Not For Everyone

jasons deli gluten free sandwich gluten free jacksonvilleI am a little concerned about what is going on at Jason’s Deli.  I have been going there for a while now (frequently making my cover photo a picture of the gluten-free BLT with avocado) and am just now finding out that their gluten free sandwiches are not truly gluten-free.

jasons deli gluten free sandwich gluten free jacksonville

They have HUGE signs at the counter promoting their gluten-free offerings. Each time I go I ask if they are taking proper precautions while prepping the food and they usually change out their gloves and prepare my sandwich on a separate surface like wax paper or something.   Last week was a day like any other, I ordered my usual gluten-free BLT with avocado and even noticed they now sell loaves of Udi’s gluten-free bread for around $12 or something.  However, when I got my meal it came with this lovely “legal” notice.

jasons deli gluten free sandwich gluten free jacksonville

What?  AFTER I have purchased my sandwich is the time to spring this legalese on me?  I just don’t understand.  Didn’t we learn anything from the Dominos Pizza and California Pizza Kitchen debacles?  Why even offer gluten-free at all if you are not taking precautions to make it available for everyone who is gluten-free.  I just don’t understand why you would have something that is gluten-free when the people who need it most can’t even have it.    On top of that, tell me on my sandwich that I already paid for!

I wonder if this is in response to dietary discrimination investigations going on around the country that are being spearheaded by the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.

I am very disappointed and feel like Jason’s Deli is taking the easy way out, when all they have to do is implement a few procedures to avoid cross contamination. Heck, they could even limit the number of sandwiches that are gluten-free.  I am also sad that my list of places that are safe for me is getting shorter and shorter.  Good bye Jason’s Deli...

Jason's Deli on Urbanspoon


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Sweet Theory Baking Co.

sweet theory baking company gluten free jacksonville
Today, after being told over and over to check this place out, I finally made my way to Sweet Theory Baking Company.  Sweet Theory Baking Company is a bakery near the heart of the Park and King District near Little Five Points/Riverside area. It is located between Park and Post on King not far from where you can get a gluten-free beer at Kickbacks or Beer:30.

sweet theory baking company gluten free jacksonvilleI was greeted by the cutest little store front on a chilly yet sunny day. I went during my lunch hour so I did not have time to linger long. I quickly found the items designated with a (GF) on them and was overwhelmed with the options.

sweet theory baking company gluten free jacksonvilleI asked the manager what she thought the most popular items were and she pointed me in the direction of doughnuts, cupcakes, cookie sandwiches and whoopee pies. All of these items came gluten-free except the doughnuts. I was a little sad, I have heard so much about these doughnuts but my mind was put to ease when the manager explained that the owner (and head baker) was still working on the right recipe. Good enough for me.

sweet theory baking company gluten free jacksonvilleIn addition to the cakes and cookies and such, I noticed that they had some gluten-free savory garlic and herb biscuits. I can’t tell you the last time I had a biscuit. I decided to try that and a cookie sandwich.

sweet theory baking company gluten free jacksonville
The place was a bit quiet, it was a Wednesday during lunch time.  I decided to enjoy my gluten-free garlic and herb biscuit in a cozy spot near the front windows and just chill. They had warmed the biscuit up for me and put on some soy free earth balance vegan butter.  The biscuit was so satisfying. The consistency was different than a real biscuit, but the taste was awesome. It was flaky and at times crumbly, but not dry (definitely a mess to eat if you are on the go.) This southern girl was happy (can we get a gf/df biscuits and gravy?:)).

sweet theory baking company gluten free jacksonville

So I guess I should have eaten a real lunch before my visit, because after the biscuit I was wanting more. So I dug into the chocolate chip sandwich and before I knew it had eaten almost half. Very moist, chewy and HUGE.

sweet theory baking company gluten free jacksonville

While the biscuit was not a regular on the menu, the cookie sandwich is along with numerous gluten-free cupcake flavors from peach to root beer.  In addition they had blueberry and raspberry flavored muffins as well.

As I was finishing up my biscuit and half of the cookie sandwich the manager explained that they also make ice cream (they only have vanilla for now, more flavors to come as the weather warms up) and they make a special treat called a Brooklyn Egg Cream which she described as a chocolaty and  unique cold beverage.
sweet theory baking company gluten free jacksonville
Everything at Sweet Theory Baking Company is egg, dairy, soy and peanut free. They have some items (a lot actually) that are gluten-free and made in a designated gluten-free area with designated utensils. There is absolutely no dairy in this store. Even when ordering coffee (which is local-Bold Bean), your coffee creamer options were almond or rice milk.

sweet theory baking company gluten free jacksonvilleSweet Theory Baking Company’s sweets were delicious. I like them as much as Cookie Momsters. However, Sweet Theory Baking Company offers what I have suggested to Cookie Momsters numerous times, a place to linger. Sweet Theory is a place I could meet up with friends for an afternoon coffee and have a snack. I felt at home and as if I belonged. Sometimes when I leave Cookie Momsters I feel like I am doing something in secret because I go in, order and leave (usually enjoying my treat at the next red light as I drive back to work or home).  I still love you Cookie Momsters but it is nice to have options in different parts of town.  Now my wish is for a gluten-free/dairy-free bakery at the beach…

I will be back Sweet Theory Baking Company. Thank you for a lovely dessert lunch J

Sweet Theory Baking Co. on Urbanspoon

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New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I really hope everyone is enjoying special time with family and friends.  I spent the rest of 2012 up in Chicago with my boyfriend’s family.  It is freezing up here but I have also gotten to see some snow so it is worth it.  The food here is great, and I love being in a big city where almost every restaurant we go to is educated on gluten-free.

(If you are ever in the area, Meli’s is one of my favorite breakfast places.)

While 2012 was full of challenges, I also have so much to be thankful for.  As I look forward to 2013 I can’t help but be reminded I still have so much more to learn and I still need to take steps to reduce the amount of times I get sick.  Here are a few of my New Year’s resolutions and wishes:

  1. I hope to be more prepared.  This means relying less on pre-packaged foods and making more of my own foods from scratch.  This also means less meals out and more meals at home.
  2. I wish that more restaurants knew what “gluten-free” means.  Yes, I can have potatoes, no I can’t have soy sauce, no I can’t have fries that have been fried with battered onion rings.
  3. I will have more willpower over sweets.  Perhaps I can incorporate sweets a little every day so I am not so deprived I go and spend $30 at Cookie Momsters.
  4. I want to exercise more.  There are some days I have been glutened, I am tired, grouchy, my stomach doesn’t feel good, but after exercise I feel so much better.

What are your gluten-free New Year’s resolutions?

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Best of 2012

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs we prep for the ball to drop, thought I would share with you the top posts from my blog in 2012.

Publix: Where “Gluten Free” Shopping is a Pleasure!
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Celiac Support Group
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Gluten-free Wine Dinner at Bistro AIX was AIXtra Special!
Gluten-Free Seasons 52
A Cookie Momster Christmas

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Namaste Bread Mix Review

When Namaste Foods sent me the BBQ Coating Mix, they also sent me their bread mix.  I have never made bread in my life.  However, I always envy those who make fresh bread regularly.  I remember my mom making bread when I was little and there is just something so comforting about the smell and taste of fresh bread out of the oven.  While extremely intimidated by the task, I took some time one night to make home made bread.

The ingredients were easy, I was just a little concerned about what pan to use.  I found some foil bread pans at Kmart on sale and decided to give them a try.  The pan size was 8 inches x 3 7/8 inches by 2 15/32 inches.

The recipe called for oil, 1 egg and three egg whites. I only had two eggs so I made it with 1 egg and 1 egg white. Unsure of how that would impact the outcome, I proceeded as any normal kitchen goddess would do- I crossed my fingers.


After blended in the mixer, the dough had to sit to rise about 30 minutes.  I then placed the pan in the oven to cook for one hour.  About half way through I added foil on top. This was a huge help to keep the top from burning.


The bread came out really tall- it was on the top shelf of the oven and was practically touching the top of the oven. I think I may need to use a little wider pan next time.  After the bread cooled an hour or so, I decided to taste the bread… It was awesome.  It had a little bit of sweetness but was probably the best gluten-free bread I have ever had.  I have visions of using this mix for home made banana bread.  The portion size was plenty. It made more than I usually get with my typical Udi’s loaf. It is only good at room temperature for 24-48 hours. I decided to slice it and freeze it. This lasted me about a week. I would definitely purchase this bread mix- but am not sure how frequent I will be able to prepare this, you need a good 2 hours. Thanks Namaste for introducing me to making home made bread.

What is your favorite bread?


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