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Eating Gluten Free at Mellow Mushroom, Jacksonville Beach

Mellow Mushroon in Jacksonville Beach does not have a gluten free menu, but I ate gluten free at their restaurant.  It was my sister in law’s birthday celebration with our family and they wanted to eat someplace fun, affordable and delicious.  I am not going to deny, I love Mellow Mushroom’s pizza and the atmosphere is very fun and casual.  It is especially great for my nephews 2 and 4 because of the cool seating inside their groovy bus in the dining room.  Ok, I know you are dying to know how I ate gluten free.  I brought my own pizza!

I called around 4:30 to ask for permission and was told the manager would call me back with an answer.  I didn’t hear back and thought, what the heck, I am going to bring my own Glutino Duo Cheese and Spinach and Feta cheese personal pizzas with my fingers crossed they would cook them in their oven for me.  As soon as I walked in with the pizzas in my hand our waitress happily took the pizzas from me and said they would come out with the rest of the table’s meals.  They were more than accomodating and glad to help me out.  I was so glad I took the risk and brought them with me.

I am fine with eating before going to a restaurant that is not gluten friendly, but the last time we ate out for pizza I was craving it big time and it was turture.  When the pizza came out at Mellow Mushroom Jax Beach, it was the best tasting frozen gluten free pizza I have ever had.  I don’t know if it is their ovens or that I was hungry but it was so yummy; I didn’t feel like I was missing out on pizza night with my family.   When we left I was informed that they are planning to have a gluten free menu in the near future.  I am excited to hear more about it and hopefully try out the new menu soon.

*please note, Mellow Mushroom added a gluten-free pizza to their menu a few months after this post. An updated post will be coming soon!


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