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Gluten-Free Sushi at JW Marriott in Orlando

I had the most wonderful experience at the JW Marriott in Orlando (known for their tropical pool area and lazy river).  I was staying at the Ritz-Carlton next door for a conference and headed over to the JW Marriott one night to try some sushi.

I sat at the bar, which was beautiful. I noticed a few other solo diners, probably other people traveling on business, and I was immediately greeted by Roberto.  He took my drink order and handed me the sushi menu.  To be safe I usually just order tuna with avocado and no sauce.  I never ever expect that a place will have gluten-free soy sauce, however, I always ask (nicely of course).

Roberto was gone a while and when he came back he had a bottle of Tamari (gluten-free soy sauce) in his hands.  I was SO HAPPY.  I wasn’t expecting gluten-free soy sauce at all and it was such a great treat!


My dinner was a great experience. My sushi was perfect not too chewy and perfect portions.  The servers were so nice.  I had one or two others stop by to check on me.  I couldn’t believe the amazing service.

When it was time to close out my check Roberto was nowhere to be found.  Within 5 minutes he came back with a brown paper bag full of gluten-free biscuits, donuts and muffins.  I couldn’t believe it.  He had gone into their refrigerator to see what type of gluten-free goodies they had to give me.  It was such a nice gesture and perfect to have with me for the duration of my trip.  It was probably $30 worth of gluten-free goodness that he would not allow me to pay for.

Who would have thought that a place known for their lazy river and luxurious pool would also be so hospitable for those of us with gluten issues.

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