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Gluten-free Flying Iguana Taqueria and Tequila Bar

gluten free jacksonville flying iguana taqueria

Recently my boyfriend and I ventured to Atlantic beach to try the new Flying Iguana Taqueria and Tequila Bar.  Iguana is a Latin American inspired restaurant with hints of Mexico and Peru which usually means there will be gluten-free offerings.

gluten free jacksonville flying iguana taqueria

The location is in the space of the old Sun Dog Diner. They did extensive renovations to the space; you would never even think it was a diner in a former life. While it was two days after they opened and extremely crowded, we only had to wait about 30 minutes. This was enough time to run into friends and try some of their creative margaritas. Instead of giving us buzzers they took our phone number and would text us when our table was ready. I love this! It allows free rein to stay at the bar, go to other bars in the area, walk to the beach, etc. We chose to stay at the bar to try some of their yummy looking drinks. We had The Garden and Blood Orange margaritas. The Garden was the second best drink I have ever had (the best drink I have ever had was at Loa Bar in New Orleans). The bar at Iguana is quite large and takes up the entire side of the restaurant. We were one of many lingering waiting for a table.

gluten free jacksonville flying iguana taqueria the garden

I love the decor behind the bar. Once we were seated we had to get the table guacamole. According to my boyfriend the chips and salsa was pretty good. They serve two different types of salsa a red and a verde (green salsa). Beware, while the salsa is gluten-free, the chips are not celiac safe; they fry them with other breaded items. This may change, but while we were there the chips were being fried over at Al’s Pizza (they have the same owners). They were really nice and gave me corn tortillas for the guac and salsa.
gluten free jacksonville flying iguana taqueria
We ordered spicy verde, meat and potato, carnitas and blackened shrimp tacos. They have three different options for tortillas; flour, corn and a half corn half flour.  The server let me know that the meat and potato and the carnitas tacos were the best options for me, but you should ask the server when you go.  I think their options will change. I was very disappointed that my tacos accidentally came out on the half corn and half flour tortillas.  Unfortunately, I did not know this until I took a bite.  They were very nice and felt really bad and made me another meal. Unfortunately for those of us with Celiac that little bite is quite damaging.  My advice- the corn tortillas are smaller, the half corn/half flour are big like flour tortillas.  I enjoyed the meat and potatoes and carnitas once they were safe to eat. My wish is that they add a fish taco that isn’t fried.

gluten free jacksonville flying iguana taqueria
I think they still have to work through a few kinks. We were there the first week so I am sure things have changed since then.  I will definitely be back even if it is just for drinks. We did not have dessert but they have Coconut milk flan that I am definitely going to try next time.

The atmosphere is very festive and vibrant (loud at times). There are a lot of outside tables and it has an open flow. I loved that it was casual, open air, fun and in a great location. I look forward to going back but will definitely spend a little more time chatting with my server, and possibly the manager before placing my next order.

Have you been? What do you think?

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New Delicious Sponsor: Naturally Smart Frozen Dessert

I am excited to announce our new sponsor: All Natural Naturally Smart Frozen Desserts. This new product is coming to a store near you. The product is gluten free, higher in protein than other frozen desserts and low in calories. naturally smart gluten free jacksonville

I am in love with their packaging and while I have yet to try it (I am dairy free and gluten-free), other people seem to be love it it.

I am also impressed by the fact that they like to give back.  Most recently they provided free samples to families at the Zombie Chase that benefited the Shannon Miller Foundation.

You can purchase these Naturally Smart Frozen Desserts at the Following Locations:
Dr Capasso’s Thin Centers MD, Mandarin – 10950 San Jose Blvd #41(next to Just Fitness)
Dr Capasso’s Thin Centers MD, Jacksonville Beach – 1351 13th Ave South (across from Beaches Baptist)
Bio Max 299 Atlantic Beach, – 299 Atlantic Blvd #1 (next to Ragtime)

They were featured on News Ch4 with Nikki Kimbleton and will be at the UNF (Student Union) during Market Days from 10-3pm.

Naturally Smart is still looking for local retailers, health food stores, gyms and other outlets to carry their frozen dessert.  Want your favorite store to carry Naturally Delicious? Here is a Product Request Form.

Have you tried it?  What did you think?

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Royal Palms Village Wine and Tapas a Gluten-Free Beer and Tapas Paradise!

A few weeks ago I joined some of my favorite girlfriends at Royal Palms Village Wine and Tapas in Atlantic Beach.  We try to get together to catch up on each other’s lives and share a bottle (or two) of wine.  Every time we get together someone has just gotten married, just adopted a baby, is pregnant, just broke up with someone, just got back together with someone or just finished a successful event they had been planning.  It is so nice to have friends you can just be yourself around.  While we are all super busy, it is hard to get together on a regular basis so the time we can get together is cherished.

Royal Palms Village Wine and Tapas is a great place.  I have suggested it to numerous people looking for gluten-free in the beaches area. It looks like a little European bistro and they are known for their awesome beer and wine selection.  In addition, their chef is well versed in food allergies and safe preparation techniques.  They have a great menu which is perfect for sharing and is easily customizable depending on your needs.

Prior to ordering, I had to indulge in one of their over 8 gluten-free beer/cider options.  I had the Dogfish Head Tweason’ Ale, which is my new favorite.  I love the soft undertones of strawberry.  They have other gluten-free beers like Redbridge, New Planet and New Grist.

While I am also dairy-free I thought I would share that they have awesome cheese and meat plates for those of you who can tolerate dairy.

As my first course I had the Chorizo al Vino.  It was delicious and nicely sized.

Next I had two helpings of the Angus Churrasco Bibb Lettuce Wraps.  I loved how colorful this dish was, the carmelized onions added great flavor and decoration.  The Bibb Lettuce was so soft and fresh, these were my favorite.

A great night night was had by all.  We had such a great time, that we kept the employees there past closing time because we had to share that last great story.  I can’t wait to go back.

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