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I am not good at sharing

Ever since I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, group dining¬†(Maggiano’s, Tapas restaurants, or just sharing an appetizer) is just not the same. One of my favorite things about dining out used to be trying other people’s food. “Here, do you want to try this” was a common phrase used at the dinner table.

Lately I have been feeling kinda stingy because I don’t want to share my food. Here is why: most of the time when multiple appetizers are ordered there is probably only one that is safe for me. However I find that people always want to eat the one that is safe for me rather than the other appetizers on the table. This is because usually¬†gluten-free appetizers are healthier than the spinach dip and pita, the fried calamari or the breaded chicken wings most people order as appetizers. I find myself almost hoarding the appetizer because I am too chicken to say “could you guys eat the other appetizers since this is the only thing safe for me?”

There are a few solutions, depending on who I am dining with:
1. Order all gluten-free appetizers (or tapas or family style) for the table
2. Tell everyone that there are not many options for me so I am just going to order my own

So next time you are out with me and I don’t offer you any of my food or I don’t participate in family style dining please don’t be offended. I am hungry and there just aren’t many options for me so don’t ask if you can try what is on my plate.

How do you handle sharing food when dining gluten-free?

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