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Let the Voting Begin: Best of 2011

Rather than always telling you what I think- I want to hear what you think about gluten-free resources in Jacksonville. Send me an email by January 6th with your vote for the following:

Best gluten-free chain restaurant
Best gluten-free locally owned restaurant
Best gluten-free pizza
Best gluten-free grocery store
Best gluten-free bakery
Best gluten-free beer
Worst attempt at gluten-free dining

Note: only one entry per person and these must be found locally in and around Jacksonville. 

Email your entry to jgornto_6(at) by January 6th.  Vote now to let your voice be heard and help us encourage gluten-free dining in our great city!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Publix: Where “Gluten Free” Shopping is a Pleasure!

My neighborhood Publix just re-opened.  When I say neighborhood I truly mean it.  A group of men have been gathering there for coffee since the old one opened, and during their remodel, the regular staff worked at another location and would often say hello, and ask me if I am excited for the re-opening.  Was I excited, YES!  I live close enough to have seen the progress, it was going to be bigger and better than most brand new Publix stores.  Publix is also very convenient for me when I need to get the occasional bottle of wine to have a glass with dinner.  The Publix I am referring to is the one at 5858 Atlantic Blvd- near the intersection of University Boulevard and Atlantic.

Much to my excitement, when I went in on the day they opened I discovered an entire section devoted to packaged goods that are gluten-free;  I LOVE THIS.  Rather than having to go up and down every aisle searching for crackers, cookies, soups, pastas that are gluten-free there is one place devoted to this.  They have special sections on each aisle devoted to organic/natural items and some gluten-free stuff, but in this special section almost everything is devoted to “Certified Gluten Free” items.  There is a difference between Gluten Free and “Certified Gluten Free.”  For instance Amy’s brand of soups and organic foods are gluten- free, but they are made in the same area where gluten containing foods are prepared.  This Publix has gone above and beyond to get more of the “certified gluten-free” items for its customers.  My favorite find Glutino’s Gluten Free Chocolate Vanilla Creme cookies (see photo above).  These are essentially Gluten Free Oreos.  THEY ARE AMAZING!  A gluten eating friend claimed they were better than Oreos.  These cookies make me so happy.  They are not healthy by any means, however as someone who has been deprived of a lot of foods, this was an amazing find.  Way to go Publix.  Now if they could just get a chiller for their white wine it would be close to perfect.


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My Life. My Health. My Gluten Free Native Sun.

Today I ventured to Native Sun (Baymeadows Store) to cash in on all of the deals they have on gluten-free products in honor of Celiac Awareness Month.  I was also told by a few of my friends about their gluten-free bakery.  I know sweets aren’t great for you and a lot of gluten-free baked goods are not low-fat, but I miss out on a lot of cakes and cookies around the office and at nephew’s birthday parties now and a girl has to fulfill her baked goods sweet tooth.  As I walked around and found things like gluten-free risotto, gluten-free spaghetti sauce, gluten-free chips, gluten-free beer, I looked around and was expecting to see an actual physical bakery counter.  However, just as I rounded the corner near the deli and their prepared foods, next to the chilled gluten-free beer, I found these delightful gluten-free treats.  There were about 6-7 individually wrapped gluten-free cakes, pies and cookies.  I was tempted to buy one of each, however I knew there was no way I could eat that much dessert so I opted for the gluten-free Oatmeal Cream Pie and the gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cake.  Next time I think I am going to try the gluten-free carrot cake and gluten-free apple pie.  All had short expiration dates so to me that made me think not many preservatives and they are going to taste fresh.  Sure, there are plenty of gluten-free cookies and mixes out there but this was the first time I had organic gluten-free baked goods that I didn’t make myself or didn’t come in a tray and plastic wrap.  After check-out one of the always friendly cashiers asked if I would like to sign up for the My Life. My Health. My Store customer discount card.  She also told me that it would qualify me for additional discounts.  Ooo, I could sign up for free and feel special?  Wanting to feel special I filled out a card right away.  I then asked if it was possible to apply my new card to what I had just purchased so I could receive the discounts.  Although this was against policy and getting late in the night, a woman who I think was the manager decided to review my entire purchase list and lucky me, I had already received the discounts.  As soon as I arrived home I had to dive into my treats, even deciding to forgo dinner and just have dessert.  The oatmeal creme pie did not last long in this house.  All in all it was a great trip to Native Sun.  What they have done to recognize the hunger pangs of those of us with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance or children with autism is really special and something to be recognized.  I look forward to my next trip.


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