Gluten-Free Jacksonville Beach ThisChick’s Kitchen

In the spring I heard about a new restaurant in Jacksonville called ThisChick’s Kitchen.  When I heard it was farm to table, organic, gluten-free, locally owned and less than 2 miles from my house I had to go.  It is in the cutest little house on 6th Ave. South around the corner from Loving Cup Hash House on A1A. gluten free jacksonville thischicks kitchen There were vegetables everywhere!  And I loved that the kitchen was open so you can see all of the prep work as well as how fresh everything is.
gluten free jacksonville thischicks kitchen The owner Chef Rosaria Anderson’s mission is to share the simplicity of eating healthy, local, delicious meals. Thischickcancook works closely with farmers to form a true farmer to chef to client relationship.gluten free jacksonville thischicks kitchen
gluten free jacksonville thischicks kitchen They have a ton of prepared foods like potato salads, quiches, cheese, zucchini salads, rice as well as make your own meals that are vegan and gluten-free friendly.  They also serve chicken and fish.
gluten free jacksonville thischicks kitchen I indulged in their quiche of the day along with a sweet potato salad, zucchini salad and a turnip salad.  It was so yummy and fresh. They also incorporate fresh herbs into their dishes which adds flavor without a lot of salt or artificial seasoning.   gluten free jacksonville thischicks kitchen
gluten free jacksonville thischicks kitchen  gluten free jacksonville thischicks kitchen

They also serve dessert!  I had a gluten-free/dairy-free chocolate chip cookie, it was so yummy!
gluten free jacksonville thischicks kitchen

I will definitely be back. Check out their website and follow them on Facebook, they have frequent events and they are BYOB in case you want to stop by for dinner and bring in your own bottle of wine. They are friendly, Rosario and members of their staff checked in on me a few times while I was enjoying my lunch and everyone was kind and informative. See you soon Rosario and team!

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