Earth fare NOW OPEN- Gluten-Free Goodies Galore!

earth fare jacksonville gluten-free
With much anticipation, Earth Fare is now open in Jacksonville, FL.   A cross between Whole Foods, Native Sun and Grassroots Natural Market, this Asheville North Carolina native is FULL of gluten-free options.  Here are some of my highlights:
Meat and Seafood: They provide humane meats and keep smaller quantities on hand and order more frequently so that meats and seafood stay fresh.  They source their meats and sea food from all over the world but are looking to reach out to local seafood and meat sources.
gluten free jacksonville earth fare Family Meal Night: Every Thursday from 4-8pm up to six kids eat free with one adult dinner purchase (only $5) and they will prepare gluten-free meals for your family.

Gluten free Goods: They have distributed gluten-free goods throughout the store rather than having all gluten-free items in one aisle. Look for wood grained shelves and the gluten-free signs.  These shelves are HUGE, it is not just one column and one row of gluten-free goods it is rows and columns of gluten-free goodness.  They even have some local gluten-free items such as FreshJax hot sauce and Sweet Pete’s.  The prices for gluten-free items vary.  gluten free jacksonville earth fare gluten free jacksonville earth fare gluten free jacksonville earth fare gluten free jacksonville earth fare

gluten free jacksonville earth fareLocal 100: Look for the signs that say Local 100 this means that the produce came within 100 miles.

gluten free make up jacksonville earth fareGfree makeup: They have two different brands of  gluten-free make up that are also vegan.

gluten free jacksonville earth fare

Specializing in REAL FOOD, we think Earth Fare is going to be a huge hit.  They do their best to avoid foods that contain antibiotics; artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, fats; high fructose corn syrup and bromated or bleached flour.  We can’t wait to make this a part of our regular shopping routine.

GIVEAWAY: Thank you for your comments about  your favorite gluten-free brand.  We have picked a winner and will announce soon.


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11 responses to “Earth fare NOW OPEN- Gluten-Free Goodies Galore!

  1. Diana Donley

    Namaste for their baking mixes for sure! My family loves to have their spice cake made up into carrot cake 🙂

  2. Anna Hill

    I love everything by Glutino! Haven’t been disappointed yet!

  3. Mark

    I love Udi’s for their gluten-free frozen pizzas and bagels!

  4. Patti

    Udi’s definitely is our #1!

  5. Would have to say that I love Udi’s brand – breads

  6. landofoz

    I really like evol…not all items are gf but the ones that are are great

  7. Lauren

    Ah this is such a tough question with all the new delicious products out there! Honestly I am going to say EarthFare! I loved that they had their own line of gf products. A lady was walking around giving out chocolate chip cookies and I sad sorry I would love one but I’m sure they aren’t gf… Low and behold they were gf AND df!! How awesome is that?! Felt so nice to be included in the sampling of goodies that I bought a bag of those and their line of ginger snaps to make a pumpkin pie crust with this fall 🙂 can’t wait to go back when they are a little slower and u have ore time to peruse all the aisles of delicious food. Until then the THREE $.99 pineapples in my fridge will tide me over!

  8. Pamela’s Chocolate Mini Cookies are so good I had to get up and have a couple just thinking about them.

  9. Suzanne

    Annie’s Mac and Cheese!!!!

  10. Missy

    Rudi’s Cinnamon Raisin Bread….

  11. Janice

    Shakti and Momsters bc they are gf, delicious and local! 😃👍

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