My Gluten-Free Trip to Target

gluten free items at target

I am hesitant to write this post, for fear the shelves will be emptied, but it is my duty to share this with you. Today during a quick trip to Target off Marsh Landing Parkway I found some very reasonably priced gluten-free items. I typically like to make everything myself, but occasionally I need a quick option. Here is what I got and how much I spent.

gluten free jacksonille evol burritos

I found evol. burritos (Love backwards, how cute) in the frozen foods section and each individually wrapped burrito was only $2. These are delicious. However, they are best paired with a little salsa because they can come out a little dry.

gluten free jacksonville belgian style cider wood chuck
I found a Belgian White cider by WoodChuck. This is the first I have seen of this cider and with Labor Day approaching, I had to try it. This is not a deal, a six pack was $9.49.

gluten free jacksonville vans gluten free waffles
It is hard to find Van’s Waffles for under $3.50 but I found them for $2.99. I love these waffles; they are the closest to the real thing I have found.

gluten free jacksonville vans gluten free waffles
Thai Kitchen noodle dishes are so delicious for a quick lunch option. Occasionally I will add extra veges or some chicken to it for an extra kick. I usually see these in the $4 range. At Target only $2.34.

Thank you Target! I hope this is just the beginning!


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6 responses to “My Gluten-Free Trip to Target

  1. Palm Coast

    When I was first diagnosed, I remember wandering around Target, crying, knowing that I couldn’t eat anything. I went home with bananas and a potato. That is all I ate until I could learn. I am so glad they are coming on board with standards of labeling and with carrying gluten free foods.

  2. Hannah

    It was wonderful meeting you today at target and i figure i would visit your site. So far i love your site it is informative and fun. Also my boyfriend loves the thai noodles he gets the herb and garlic qmd cant get enough,that is probably wh there are no more on the shelves. lol. Anyway,I hope yo see you again.

    Your local cashier at Target,

    • Hi Hannah-

      I enjoyed our conversation! Always nice to meet people who understand the needs of those of us with Celiac. Thank you for checking out my blog, I hope to see you during my next visit!

  3. I don’t know if any of you have tried the Udi’s gluten-free French Bagettes!!. They toast like real bagettes!! I found them at Publix. Also, Publix will order anything you request and calls you when the item gets to the store!!

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