Goodbye Gluten Wraps

goodbye gluten wraps gluten free jacksonvilleRecently I was asked by the makers of Goodbye Gluten Wraps to try out their plain and multigrain gluten-free wraps.  I usually just purchase corn tortillas to make wraps or tacos since they are usually pretty cheap and easy to find at any store.  However, I guess there are times you need to make a larger wrap and these would come in handy because they are very similar to regular flour tortillas.

goodbye gluten free wraps gluten free jacksonville

Unlike many gluten free baked goods, there is no need to refrigerate.  However, after a few days the tortillas became a little dry and broke apart when I tried to fold them.

goodbye gluten wraps recipe gluten free jacksonville

I decided to make a wrap with ground turkey, some fresh veggies (squash, greens, edamame and tomatoes) with an asian inspired sauce that consisted of a mixture of garlic, olive oil, gluten-free soy sauce, and ginger.



The outcome was quite delicious, however, you can see where the wrap broke apart a little when it was folded.  The tortilla tastes great so I didn’t mind that it broke apart a bit. I began wrapping with tin foil so it helped the wrap stay together.  Each wrap was 150 calories. That is a little high considering 2 corn tortillas are around 80-90 calories for both.

I also tried the multigrain wrap and it was much less dry and easier to fold.
goodbye gluten multigrain wrapI liked the flavor of both but being able to fold the wrap and hold it in my hand with out it falling apart gave the multigrain flour tortilla an advantage. I didn’t try steaming or heating the wraps in the pan, perhaps that may have helped the plain wrap become a little more malleable. The multigrain tortillas have about 160 calories. Both have great flavor though.

*Update: These wraps can be found at Publix.

Do you have a favorite alternative to bread or tortillas?


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10 responses to “Goodbye Gluten Wraps

  1. The wraps are great for Breakfast Burritos!! They are best, if you warm them in the microwave between two damp sheets of paper towel for a few seconds. I also like them for lunch wraps with melted cheese!!

  2. Gail

    Do you know where you can find these locally?

  3. Beverly Keneagy

    Thanks for the post. Do you know when and where are they are going to be available in stores?

  4. I LOVE these wraps. I’m from California, but live in St. Aug now. I miss the mexican food that I grew up on. When I saw these, I had to try them. I never, ever have a problem with them breaking. I think the reason is that I heat them up over a flame like I would have done with a regular flour tortilla. It works just as well on a glass top electric stove. I just turn off the burner when my eggs are done, and then slip the Goodbye Gluten Wrap on, and flip it frequently until it starts to form a bubble and is good and hot. Then it wraps like a dream, and never tears.

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