Epik Burger: Worth the Splurge

the table at epik burger gluten free jacksonville
I would like to think I eat relatively healthy. A majority of my diet is made up of lean protein and fresh fruits and vegetables. However, every now and then a girl needs to splurge. That is exactly what I did when I had lunch at Epik Burger.

the front of the store epik burger gluten free jacksonville
Epik Burger is the first of its kind in Jacksonville. They offer gluten free burgers, buns, desserts, onion rings and fries. They are located on Atlantic Blvd right where Girvin runs into Atlantic. I have no idea what part of town that is considered, but it is about 5 minutes East of 2-95. It is not really close to a major area where they might get foot traffic or a lot of drive bys; it is definitely a place you have to know about.

They are super nice there! I asked a lot of questions and found out that all of their fryers are gluten-free (including those that they cook onion rings in). Their onion rings are beer battered with Redbridge beer and gluten free flour.  They also have a separate toaster for the gluten free buns. The atmosphere reminded me of something we see in Chicago; clean and contemporary.

gluten free statement at epik burger gluten free jacksonville
They offer a lot of different burger options, including vegetarian, chicken, tuna and the beef is all grass fed. You can order a fast food size or restaurant size burger depending on your hunger. I especially love how everything is marked vegan, vegetarian or gluten free. They have quite a menu.  Prices are reasonable, however there is a $2.00 upcharge for a gluten-free bun.

We ordered
le steakhouse at epik burger gluten free jacksonville
Restaurant size gluten-free Le Steakhouse Burger. It had sauteed onions, grass fed beef and cornichons (pickles). So tasty and flavorful, but a little greasy.

gluten free hamburger epik burger at epik burger jacksonville
Restaurant size gluten- free Epik Burger. It had pancetta, brie, lettuce, tomato, onion, cornichons, and basalmic mayo.  This is a beautiful burger.  Full of color and flavor.  My boyfriend ordered this and I was really envious.  He loved it; he ate it all!

gluten free french fries epik burger jacksonville
Ahh, gluten- free french fries.  There are not many restaurants that serve fries that are TRULY gluten-free so I had to get these.  I loved the large chunks of salt and pepper and it was a great portion to share, not too big, not too small.

gluten free onion rings epik burger jacksonville
Gluten- free Beer Battered Onion Rings. This was the highlight of my day. I was never a big onion ring person, however, since my diagnosis of Celiac disease I jump at the opportunity to indulge safely. They were awesome. They were flakey and not too chewy. While there was a tiny bit of oil residue, it was light and seasoned perfectly with salt and pepper. I never wanted these onion rings to end…

jennifer eating gluten free hamburger epik burger jacksonville

The food was amazing! However, I felt like I needed to go run a marathon to burn off the calories; but it was worth every second. While I didn’t order the Epik Burger I really wish I did. Some other things:
– They are environmentally friendly. They don’t have a lot of packaging and pretty much every container was recyclable or compostable.
– The wait for your burger is a little longer than I expected, but not too bad.
– The place seats only about 35 people.

I will definitely make this a place I go to as a treat, however I doubt I need to order fries AND onion rings. I highly recommend this place!  Have you been? What do you think?

Epik Burger
12740 Atlantic Blvd Suite 105
Jacksonville, FL 32225

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8 responses to “Epik Burger: Worth the Splurge

  1. Vicki

    We ate there last weekend while visiting from out of town (that’s how I found your blog). We have taken gluten free to the next level and eat primarily grain free so we ate our burgers without buns. However we did splurge on one order of onion rings! My husband and I got a chicken sandwich that had goat cheese on it. I’m not normally a goat cheese fan but I thought this was delicious! If I had a restaurant like this in my area I’d definitely go there once/month or so.

  2. Susan

    I had high hopes for Epik Burger. The last good good gf burger and fries we had was at Yeah! Burger in Atlanta last fall. Epik Burger does have GREAT onion rings. We did not like the burgers. They were very greasy and had a strange taste. We did not care for the fries either. They had pepper on them and were too spicy for us. Also, the fries were very greasy and limp. I’m glad others are enjoying Epik Burger and we wish them well.

    • Hi Susan- thank you so much for your input. It is always great to get more input. The grease factor is definitely what made it a “splurge” for me. I am with you, Yeah! Burger in Atlanta rocks, however, I liked Epik Burger’s onion rings a little better.

  3. Vanessa

    This is an awesome Website! I live on kernan so it’s super close to where I live. I am doing Whole30 and on Day19. I think on Day 31 I’ll introduce this to my eating and see if my body can handle it. I love that there are people out here in Jacksonville That are just like me. 🙂

    My sister has a facebook for ” kids with allergies”. My niece is allergic to wheat, peanut, dairy and gluten. I will tell her about this website. We have a group that gets together at Sweet Theory in the Riverside Area. That place has awesome treats (wheat, peanut, dairy and gluten free).

    much success

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  5. John

    I am visiting from Arkansas and am going to find this place today it’s been so long since I have had onion rings. Thx for putting this out there, can’t wait for dinner.

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