Where Can I Get Gluten-free Beer in Jacksonville?

From Redbridge to New Planet, to Bards, to Greens, to New Grist, to Omission, to Dogfish Head Tweason’ale there are numerous gluten-free beers out there.  Yes, I know cider is gluten-free, however this is just a listing for gluten-free beers.  Almost all of these places have cider as well.  Redbridge is the beer I find most readily available, however New Planet is slowly becoming readily available and rightly so, they have 4 different flavors.

tweason'ale gluten free beer jacksonvilleRestaurants

  • BJ’s Brew House (Town Center) Typically Redbridge is available here
  • Royal Palm Village Wine and Tapas (Atlantic Beach) they have a HUGE selection.  I have seen New Planet, Dogfish Head Tweason’ale, Omission and Daruma here. In addition to ordering with your meal they are also a retail shop.
  • Kickbacks (Park and King Area) I have had Dogfish Head Tweason’ale, New Planet, Redbridge, and Greens; they usually have the best selection.
  • Mellow Mushroom– (Beaches and Southside) typically just Bards and New Planet.  I have better luck with the MM at the beach.
  • European Street (Beach, Southside, San Marco, Riverside) I have had New Planet here, but they typically have more than one option.

Greens beer gluten free jacksonville


  • Engine 15– (Beaches)  I have heard that they occasionally have gluten-free beer on tap.  I have had Omission in the bottle there.
  • Burro Bar– (Downtown) not sure if it is there all of the time, but I have had a Redbridge here before.


  • Beer:30 (Park and King)  Tons of gluten-free beers here from Omission, to New Planet to Greens and more.  They are very friendly and if you call ahead they will chill your beer for you.
  • Total Wine (Town Center) Always has an assortment.  They had a selection of New Planet, Greens, New Grist



Who did I miss?


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11 responses to “Where Can I Get Gluten-free Beer in Jacksonville?

  1. MPM

    Don’t know about Jacksonville but I travel frequently and favor Brunehaut (Belgian) glten-free whenever I find it.

  2. Mark Basch

    As I posted on FB, I’m looking for sports bars that have gluten-free food options. Time Out on Beach near Hodges has chicken wings, french fries and flatbreads. Does anyone know of other good sports bars?

  3. julie

    Pheonix Taproom and Shantytown pub stock it as well.

  4. Beer30

    Thanks for sharing our information! We have two beers from Brunehaut over here, and are hoping to get in the new Omission Beers in the next few weeks.

  5. Do you have recommendations for GF beers that DON’T just taste like cider?

    • I agree with avantworld- New Planet off the Grid Pale Ale is the closest thing. I have talked numerous times with the people at Bold City and have been shot down because of the cost to keep a dedicated section of their brewery as well as dedicated equipment. They are open to it, however, they just say not right now. There is a new beer out called Omission that is supposed to be just like the real thing. I have not tried it yet but have heard good things.

      • avantworld

        Omission brews are available at Grassroots now! Like Estrella Damm and Brunehart brews, they are not truly GF, but have had the gluten extracted to low enough PPM for the FDA to call them GF.
        Bonus – not made with sorghum 🙂
        Haven’t gotten any yet, but they sound like they should taste like a good micro brew! I’m still waiting for a Big IPA or an imperial anything. Is any brewery listening?

  6. avantworld

    @starpulp – New Planet Off the Grid Pale Ale is the closest thing I’ve found to taste like a real micro brew!

    Any chance we could get a little petition or something to present to Bold City and Intuition showing our interest for them to produce a local GF brew?

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