Gluten-Free Seasons 52

Last Night I dined at Seasons 52 at the Town Center.  I have heard a lot about it and had a $50 gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket so I had to go!  Seasons 52 changes their menu 3 times a year and they offer foods that are in season.  In addition, each of their dishes are 475 calories and they have no fryers on site.  As a fan of “clean eating” I was excited to try this place out.  I made reservations ahead of time and notified them of my gluten/dairy/shellfish allergy and when I was seated they handed me a gluten-free menu and confirmed my allergy and said they had it all under control.  The gluten-free menu was a little limited, but I liked that I could feel safe.  Here is a link to their gluten-free menu.  But beware, they are switching their menus on March 20th to the Spring Menu.

ruby red grapefruit martini seasons 52 gluten free jacksonville

Every thing I read said that the Ruby Red Grapefruit Martini was a must.  This was so true.  I loved this martini and the fact it came with a shaker meant I got a little more than just one glass.  My super helpful waiter Charlie informed me that they let the grapefruit soak in vodka then they add a citrus liquor.  I loved it as a pre-dinner cocktail!

edamame with green tea sea salt seasons 52 gluten free jacksonville

As an appetizer my boyfriend and I shared the edamame with green tea sea salt.  I have never had green tea sea salt but it was quite yummy and had a really nice green tea flavor that minimized the saltiness of the salt (if that even makes sense, ha).

Grilled Boneless Rainbow Trout with parsley new potatoes seasons 52 gluten free jacksonville

For dinner I enjoyed the Grilled Boneless Rainbow Trout with parsley new potatoes, roasted vegetables and broiled lemon. Let me tell you, that broiled lemon was awesome.  It was so easy to squeeze over the fish and the flavor lingered over to the carrots and asparagus on my plate.  It was delicious.  The vegetables were not too salty or over cooked, however the fish had a little blackened taste to it so the flavors of the plate just really went well together.  Everything tasted fresh and there were no overpowering sauces or spices.  The glass of Pinot Grigio I enjoyed with it was perfect.  There was nothing left on my plate!

I had a great experience and can’t wait to go back!

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