EatUp Downtown

In an effort to bring more people to downtown to enjoy some of Jacksonville’s finest restaurants, Downtown Vision started an annual tradition known as EatUp Downtown.  It used to be only one week, but due to high demand they have expanded it to two weeks and starts August 15th and runs until August 28th.  I love this event, each participating restaurant offers three course meals for only $25. 

I contacted Downtown Vision to find out which restaurants will be offering gluten-free options and this is their response:

“…University Club, Cafe Nola, Indochine, Morton’s and Charthouse have let us know that they will have gluten-free options available…”

I also happen to know that Chew and bb’s are also very accomodating to a gluten-free diet.  Here are each of their menus during EatUp Downtown.  It is recommended that you make reservations before visiting and as usual it is always best to tell them about your dining needs ahead of time so they can make an necessary accomodations.

Please share your experiences from these restaurants on our facebook page.  I know I plan to!

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