Celiac Support Group

On May 21st, I tried out my first Celiac Support Group.  I have never been to a support group of any kind and was a little curious about how I would feel about it.  Thanks to Mark Basch’s blog Gluten-free Glutton, attendance has grown.  There were about 9 people there with experiences that ranged from someone newly diagnosed, diagnosed many years ago, diagnosed with Celiac but showing no symptoms to those diagnosed in the last year or so.  It was a nice dynamic and best of all, there were tons of gluten-free foods for all of us to try and take home- FREE!  While I may act like a know it all sometimes, I learned some new things at the group and thought I would share:

1.  Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg has gluten-free ball park favorites and in Dunedin (not too far from St. Pete) there is a completely gluten-free restaurant called Serendipity. For more on this visit Gluten-free Glutton’s post.

2. There is a social media site for people who are gluten-free called Gluten-Free Faces: A Global Gluten Free Social Network.

3. There is a yahoo group called Gluten-Free in Florida.

4. There is a great facebook page called Celiac Scoop.

5.  A lot of people make their own bread in bread makers.  The favorites of the group were Pamela’s and Bobs Red Mill.

6. Smoothie King has listed items as gluten-free on their menu in stores.

7. There is currently some research being done in Australia for a vaccine.

The group meets the third Saturday of the Month at Sunrise Assisted Living of Jacksonville (4870 Belfort Road; Jacksonville, FL 32256) from 11am-12pm.  The next meeting is Saturday June 18th.  For more information contact Kristin Green 904-332-0774 or Nicole Wolfson 904-994-9906.

Come join us!

Update As of September 2012: The group now meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Sunrise Assisted Living (same as before). Email eeyoretom@comcast.net to RSVP to each event.


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8 responses to “Celiac Support Group

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  2. Janelle

    Sure hope this is still a good (active, I mean) site?

  3. Hi Janelle! Yes, the group still meets the third Saturday of the month! We post more real-time stuff on our Facebook page, make sure to follow us there! http://www.facebook.com/glutenfreejacksonville

  4. Theresa Miller

    I was checking to see if the group was still meeting every month. I am nee to all of and still learning my way. I would love to talk to people who have more knowledge then me.

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  7. Tom Armistead

    The celiac/gluten-free support group Jennifer has described here is still meeting, but at a new location. We have been delighted recently to receive several new members who learned of us from this site.

    We meet the third Tuesday each month at The Windsor Assisted Living and Memory Care Welcome Center, 6331 Roosevelt Blvd. Suite #7 32244. That’s in the shopping center anchored by Targed just north of the Naval Air Station on U.S. 17 in Jacksonville. The Welcome Center is a storefront next to Firehouse Subs.

    If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease or any kind of gluten sensitivity, write to me at eeyoretom@comcast.net or just come to our next meeting.

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