Publix: Where “Gluten Free” Shopping is a Pleasure!

My neighborhood Publix just re-opened.  When I say neighborhood I truly mean it.  A group of men have been gathering there for coffee since the old one opened, and during their remodel, the regular staff worked at another location and would often say hello, and ask me if I am excited for the re-opening.  Was I excited, YES!  I live close enough to have seen the progress, it was going to be bigger and better than most brand new Publix stores.  Publix is also very convenient for me when I need to get the occasional bottle of wine to have a glass with dinner.  The Publix I am referring to is the one at 5858 Atlantic Blvd- near the intersection of University Boulevard and Atlantic.

Much to my excitement, when I went in on the day they opened I discovered an entire section devoted to packaged goods that are gluten-free;  I LOVE THIS.  Rather than having to go up and down every aisle searching for crackers, cookies, soups, pastas that are gluten-free there is one place devoted to this.  They have special sections on each aisle devoted to organic/natural items and some gluten-free stuff, but in this special section almost everything is devoted to “Certified Gluten Free” items.  There is a difference between Gluten Free and “Certified Gluten Free.”  For instance Amy’s brand of soups and organic foods are gluten- free, but they are made in the same area where gluten containing foods are prepared.  This Publix has gone above and beyond to get more of the “certified gluten-free” items for its customers.  My favorite find Glutino’s Gluten Free Chocolate Vanilla Creme cookies (see photo above).  These are essentially Gluten Free Oreos.  THEY ARE AMAZING!  A gluten eating friend claimed they were better than Oreos.  These cookies make me so happy.  They are not healthy by any means, however as someone who has been deprived of a lot of foods, this was an amazing find.  Way to go Publix.  Now if they could just get a chiller for their white wine it would be close to perfect.


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13 responses to “Publix: Where “Gluten Free” Shopping is a Pleasure!

  1. I know what your going through. I am originally from Jacksonville, went back while on vacation this summer, and really miss home. I am supposed to be eating GF but it can be sooo hard at times especially when my family brings home fresh donuts from the german bakery in town. I shopped at Publix while on vacation and I have to agree that they are amazing.

  2. The Glutino cookies are the best. The Kinninick are also good. We dip them in chocolate, we also sell gluten free chocolate dipped pretzels and graham crackers among many other gluten free treats. You should check us out!

    • Allison, I have heard nothing but great things about Sweet Petes! I have posted about you guys on my Gluten Free Jacksonville facebook page but have yet to come out to the store. Please tell me the salted caramels are gluten free? Everyone talks about those…

  3. Susie

    May I recommend a saving money blog to help offset some of the higher costs of your conditions?
    I know it’s not Celiac specific but might help you with the non-food items and offset a little.

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  5. Lorraine

    I live pretty much in the center of your Publix, the one on Southside across from Tinseltown, and the one farther south on University near Old St. Augustine Road. I always assumed all Publix had the same inventory, but perhaps I was wrong. I have always shopped at the Tinseltown location. My husband loves the beer selection at the south University location. I occasionally make a long and expensive trek to Whole Foods to find products I cannot get at my Publix. Typically snacks, pasta, and flours. As someone who shops at the Atlantic Blvd. one, do you think it is really worth it for me to change locations? Do you think I can find most everything I need without spending more and gas going to Whole Foods? Thanks for your opinion.

    • Since this post was made originally most Publix locations have a gluten free section like at the Atlantic store. I think convenience is key. I have since moved and miss that store. I think gluten free items change with demand. I go to the store at the beach now near jtb and I have seen some changes since I started shopping there.

  6. Today, whether or not you have Celiac disease or perhaps you are steering clear of gluten for some other reasons, there are numerous gluten-free
    desserts that can address your appetite’s requirement for desserts. Showcase your cupcakes’ individuality by
    creating works of art using cupcake tree stands or displaying them on decorative tiers.
    You’ve most likely heard you should lower calorie intake to keep a healthy diet.

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  8. Diana

    I really wish that atmosphere was CORPORATE WIDE! At my local Publix (Oakleaf Plantation Parkway store) I asked it the organic, whole wheat on the shelf above the “certified gluten free” products could be moved. I had the asst. manager say “sure thing, I can do that!” but it didn’t happen. The day I realized that I was standing in that aisle, shaking my head that the man had said that over 4 weeks before but nothing happened. A corporate suit happened to be in the store that day. He and the store manager saw my distress & when I told them why, they assured me it would be fixed. 8 weeks after that I realized they just aren’t going to do that. Now I shop at the Super Target & the one in Oakleaf now has it’s own GF section.

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