Denver and Steamboat Springs Colorado Gluten Free

About a week ago I submitted a blog about dining gluten-free in Denver Colorado at Vesta Dipping Grill.  I want to share my experience at a few other places we visited that left me stunned and realized Jacksonville needs to step it up!  After dining at Vesta Dipping Grille, we walked next door to 9th Door.  More than one person had recommended this place to us and it was well worth the hype.  Dark lighting, flowing drapery, candles and India inspired techno-esque music playing over head.  I was still suprised Vesta Dipping grill had gluten free beer so I thought I would ask the bartender at 9th door if they had gluten-free beer.  Sure enough, he brought out a Spanish beer that was gluten-free.  I could not read a thing on the bottle, but the bar tender assured me it was and I could kick myself for not getting the exact name of the beer.  Instead of having the beer I opted for the recommended blueberry martini.  It was amazing, it had real blueberries in it and had a hint of vanilla.  SO GOOD!

The next morning after our dining experience and 9th Door drinks, we headed to Steamboat Springs.  As usual, I had done my homework and had saved a link I had found about eating gluten-free in Steamboat Springs from the blog No Gluten, No ProblemThat night for dinner, I suggested Rex’s, because I heard they had gluten-free hamburger buns and gluten-free pizza.  GLUTEN FREE HAMBURGER BUNS?  Do you know how long it has been since I have had a sandwich, much less a gluten-free hamburger.  I was so excited, and they had bison burgers at that.  The bun was awesome.  It looked a little like sourdough but much like regular gluten containing breads it was actually chewy and doughy.  It was the best hamburger I have ever had (since being diagnosed with Celiac).  It was a little odd that the restaurant was connected to a Holiday Inn, but there seemed to be a lot of locals and their back patio seemed to be the place everyone was headed.  According to the blog, the restaurant is locally owned along with a few other restaurants as part of the Steamboat Restaurant Group.  Their names are: Big House and Mazzola’s.

Thanks Denver and Steamboat Springs!


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5 responses to “Denver and Steamboat Springs Colorado Gluten Free

  1. Just wanted to say great blog! I was doing an internet search on gluten free diet in Jacksonville and viola! your blog came up! I live in Jacksonville and have just started taking a 90 day challenge using a meal replacement shake which is Gluten Free. My initial search on google was for the purpose of finding others and sharing the challenge with them. Thanks for a wonderfully laid out blog which is informative.
    Ayman Shalaby

  2. Stiney

    Don’t know if you know this but I just found out myself and I’m super excited. European Street apparently has AMAZING GF bread for their sandwiches.

    • I was there a while back and ordered the unusually small vegan burrito that was gluten free, expensive, bland and so small. I was starving afterwards. I wanted to order the gluten free bread, however my waitress was not knowledgeable enough to know whether I could have any of the meats. If the regular bread and meats are sliced on the same slicer or if they use any type of broth in the meatit is not gluten free. I think it is great that they have gluten free bread, but if they can’t certify that a sandwich with that breatis safe for those of us with Celiac disease it does no good. It was disappointing because I live and work close to European Street and I used to eat there all time.

      • stiney

        I was just coming back here to tell you that I went by the Riverside location on the way home and spoke to a manager. He told me they use the same EVERYTHING that they do with the regular bread. I looked at him and said “Well then then why the hell do you have gluten free bread that all defeats the purpose” and turned and left. I need to tell my coworker who told me about it that it’s NOT safe in any way shape or form.

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