My Wish List

I try not to be too unrealistic with my wishes and dreams in life.  However I realize some of these are never gonna happen.  Hey, a girl can dream…

Here is my top ten Gluten Free Wish List

1.  That Bold City Brewery had gluten free beer
2.  The McDonalds happy meals were gluten free
3.  That Hooter’s had gluten free wings
4.  That Brewster’s ice cream didn’t cross contaminate when mixing their different flavors
5.  That Dairy Queen could make a gluten free Blizzard that was not cross contaminated on their mixer
6.  That someone (Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s) delivered gluten free pizza
7.  That someone would have a gluten free Beerfest, Food Fight, Gala, Festival, etc.
8.  That I would get skinny from going gluten free
9.  That I could eat anything with that gooey, chewy consistency of a good piece of bread like at French Pantry
10.  That I had never eaten a brownie, cookie, cake, pizza, whoppers candy or drank a beer to know what I am missing (their subtitutes are never as good as the real thing)


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9 responses to “My Wish List

  1. Jen

    PPPSSSSTTT!!! You are skinny, and beautiful, fun, personable, a wonderful SIL/Aunt (per Erin) and the list goes on! LOVE your blog! I will pass on to others w/the same…..”obstacale”! Thanks for tonight too! (hugs)

  2. We totally understand what you are going through. Which is why we opened Chase Foods. We are 90% gluten free and have several things that you can not find anywhere else in town. I have two children that are gluten free and the best place we go to for a burger is five guys and they let us bring our own Canyon Bakehouse bun. They are so close to a real hamburger buns my kids don’t even complain.

    Would love to start a support group because there are so many people out there that need help!!

    • Michele- great to know that five guys burgers are gluten free. Are you in the Jacksonville area? I would love to be a part of a support group. Do your children have Celiac disease? I am finding that just because something says “gluten free” it doesn’t mean it is 100% safe for me, I have Celiac disease.

  3. Ken

    Just Brew It next to Bold City Brewery is planning a gluten free homebrew beer competition in 2011 if all goes well.

  4. Zeller

    I’m new to your blog, so if you are new to the GF lifestyle, forgive me.
    Many of your wishes on your list are contradictory. In the first three months of being gluten free, I lost close to 20 pounds and am still seeing changes.
    You wish McDonald’s happy meals, Hooters wings, and Blizzards were GF, but then wish you would get skinny from eating GF? I’m confused by this. McDonald’s is one of the farthest things from actual food it amazes me you have it as a wish.
    It’s taken me a lot of trial and error, recipe tweaking, product tastings to know how to get a food to taste the same as a non-GF food would. I make banana bread that is light, fluffy, and doesn’t taste any different. I made brownies with a few tweaks from a mix that were BETTER than regular brownies.
    To me, being gluten free is a secret advantage. It gives us the ability to eat real food, and have a legitimate reason to not eat the ‘food like substances’ like McDonald’s and other fast foods that are processed to the point of not resembling real food.
    Those food like substances are so laden with hormones and chemicals. Why would you want to eat that?

    • Thanks for your comments Zeller. I agree, eating gluten free is much healthier. I don’t think eating McDonalds every day is healthy, but to have the option to splurge every once in a while would be great! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a year ago and have found that to truly be healthy I need to make all of my meals myself. I am very active in the community and find I don’t have the time to experiment with recipes like I would like. I miss the convenience of fast food or heck just dining out without getting sick. Living gluten free is not my lifestlye choice. I am forced to be this way. Which makes it harder to accept. I would love to know your brownie and banana bread recipes they sound yummy. – Jennifer

      • Zeller

        It seems that our versions of splurging are very different, then. I am forced to live Gluten Free as well. But I have found great dining out options, and I don’t look at it as something hard to accept. Do I miss bread? of course. But it just means the foodie in me finds a recipe and a way to keep eating bread that doesn’t make me sick.
        I make my meals myself with the occasional dining out. Your comment makes it seem like gluten-free living is some kind of death sentence, or some terrible way to be.
        For me, it was a weight lifted. Feeling terribly sick and a whole slew of unanswered health problems have gone away. I eat better than I have in years, and I don’t feel denied of anything.

      • Zeller, I don’t stray from the Gluten free diet. I am sorry that it seems like I am coming across like this is a death sentence. I am still learning and am just sharing what I am learning. At times I feel deprived. I would love to hear what you have learned. Hopefully you have a chance to read the rest of my blog. I eat out and am very social and my goal is to make restaurants more aware of needs like ours so we can dine safely.

  5. Zeller

    I very rarely stray. I do so knowing I will feel sick and have a reaction. If anything, it looks like you should focus on showing restaurants how ba cross contamination is. All chain restaurants like chilis, carrabbas, pf changs, all have GF menus and are trained. I eat at PF Changs regularly because of that, and because their GF menu has some of my favorite items. I haven’t been sick from anything I’ve had there.
    I hope you learn to not feel so deprived.

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