Spring Break 2010

I recently took a trip to Montego Bay Jamaica for Spring Break (ok, I am 33 but who’s counting).  I went with great friends from my college and from Atlanta.  In spring breaks past we would perhaps consume a little too many Pina Coladas and stay up late, but on this trip (with a friend 5 month’s pregnant with her second child) we were planning to enjoy the food and fine dining and taking naps on the beach.  As you can imagine the “fine dining” had me a little nervous, however I chose before the trip to not let it get to me and not stress out about the food.  I imagined eating at a restaurant each night with a server who could express my dietary needs to the chef.  To my dismay, and the dismay of my traveling friends when we arrived all of the restaurants were booked except for 9:00 on Saturday night, the night before we were leaving.  As anyone with Celiac disease knows, eating at a buffet is typically forbidden because of cross contamination.  I tried my best but ended up getting sick a few times during the trip.  Another thing that was hard to avoid was spiced Rum, which I have heard contains gluten.  As much as I tried to request my Pina Colada with clear Rum, there were times when the spiced run made it into my drink.  On the second night we were actually able to get into the Steak restaurant and it was a really nice experience, we relaxed, talked about our trip so far and sadly I began to think that this trip was too short.  I was enjoying the laughter and catching up with old friends.  On our last night, I was very surprised by the Chef at the Japanese restaurant.  Almost all of the dishes were covered in soy sauce, another big celiac disease- no no!  He informed me of the dishes I could have such as the curry chicken dish and even made a fresh batch just while we were talking.  With amazing memories of  a great trip, I look forward to being home and being able to prepare my own dishes again.

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  1. Susanmarie

    If you come back to visit Steamboat Springs make a stop at Ciao Gelato! 700 Yampa. Most of their homemade gelatos are gluten free (in fact right now all but one is). I recently joined their staff as a cook – I am working on my own line of GF foods (inspired by my husband’s love for food he missed – he has celiac). I make a killer quiche, yummy muffins and I just made a batch of super good chocolate cookies. The cool thing is we have people who don’t have an gluten allergies that buy my foods and can’t even tell (great awarness for them too). It’s been pretty rewarding helping our GF locals eat out. Next time you vist the ‘Boat stop in and say hi! -Cheers, Susanmarie

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