Jimmy Buffet Tailgate

Tomorrow, along with the rest of Jacksonville, FL, I am going to the Jimmy Buffet Concert at the Veteran’s Memorial Arena Downtown.  The biggest part of any Jimmy Buffet concert is….. THE TAILGATE.  People get crazy, they dress up, they have margarita machines, they wear parrots, they bring parrots, anything goes.  I am all about the fun, however, the food at the tailgate stresses me out.  At our tailgate there will be brats, hamburgers, hot dogs, hot dog buns, beer, you name it, not a very Gluten free environment; which means I have to bring my own mini tailgate with me.  Tonight I am prepared.  With a few quick stops at GrassRoots Natural Market and Publix in Riverside I am good to go.  At Grassroots I picked up some Gluten free beer, my favorite, New Grist by Lakefront, some Glutino Pretzels (already sampled the bag- YUM), and Lundberg Rice Chips (taste like tortilla chips) oh and I had to pick up Weyerbacher’s Merry Monk’s for my boyfriend (great beer, NOT GLUTEN FREE so sad I can’t have it anymore).  Now for my next stop at Publix at Riverside.  Here I needed some easily gluten free items like peanuts in the shell, one of my favorite things to enjoy while tailgating; bottled water- always gluten free, Applegate Farms Turkey and Munster Cheese (gluten free and organic).  I had previously purchased KinniKinnick Italian White Tapioca Rice Bread at Native Sun so I plan to take the turkey and cheese and make a sandwich to bring with me.  It is amazing how good it feels to be prepared.  I have been feeling a lot of anxiety about the tailgate because I was afraid I would be hungry and decide to devour anything in sight or start drinking and loose my inhibitions and eat anything I could find.  I feel prepared and excited about the day ahead.   So I will don my summer clothes and flip flops and head out to the arena with a full belly and open ears!

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