Now I am High Maintenance

After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease I thought everything would be fine because now I knew why I felt this way and how to deal with it. However I realized how difficult it was to truly know what was in the food I was eating. No more jetting down to the cafe to pick up lunch at work, no going out to lunch and ordering whatever sounded good, no more picking something up out of the vending machine and no more enjoying work birthday parties like I used to. I was never a picky eater before. I ate healthy, but loved my Sunday Bowling splurges of french fries and beer. Those days are over. In the beginning I dreaded eating, I missed all of the things I dare not ever eat again (or so I thought)- pizza, rolls, sandwiches, BEER, salad dressing, soups and many more I would discover. However over time I realized that I needed to focus less on the things I could not have and focus more on the things I could have. I could still have cheese, GOD I love cheese. I love coming home from work and a nice work out and relaxing with a glass of wine, cheese, olives and nuts. I could still have olives and nuts. I could still have meat, milk, wine, potatoes, corn and seafood. I quickly realized that a lot of the foods I ate the most of were still in my diet plan. A funny thing happened though, I started craving (more often than before) things I knew I could not have- pizza, rolls, fresh bread, pastas, BEER. There was a specific night, right before Thanksgiving, when I was with my family and everyone was getting pizza. I was hungry, I was struggling with finding food I could eat at my brother’s house and I craved Pizza like never before. After leaving my family I decided to head to a friends house and on the way I stopped by Whole Foods and decided to try and find gluten free pizza. To my luck, they had over 5 different gluten free options.  Some were organic, some were lactose free, some were vegetarian and some were just gluten/wheat free. My favorite to this day, hands down (unless I make it myself) is Glutino. This brand is amazing, they make their foods in a certified gluten free facility and the food tastes GREAT. I have tried a lot of frozen pizzas this is my favorite (though not available in all stores). At first when I was diagnosed I found it hard to know what to purchase, and what to eat. Quickly though, I found out about Gluten Free Living, PF Changs Gluten Free Menu, and the Publix Gluten Free List.  This was my starting point.  I learned a lot from my early days about what makes me sick and how stringent I need to be.  I am now a high maintenance girl!

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